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Our mission is to secure the Decentralized Finance services to protect the assets and support adoption of decentralized applications.

Smart Contract


KYC verification and certificate

Vulnerability Management

Whitepaper Verification

Our expertise

Our expertise at your service

We are a team of veteran hackers and developers who dived into the blockchain and smart contract security in the early days. Under our supervision, an audit is not just a filing of the checklist but rather a full-fledged research.

Why Kryptaudit ?

Safe and secure analysis.

Our team evaluates smart contracts for vulnerabilities and certifies their behavior with respect to a custom function specification.

Affordable expertise for all.

Our mission is to protect investors and developers to make the crypto space more enjoyable and more accessible.

Fast and reliable reports.

Usually between 12 - 48 hours for basic RFI contract and can be up to 5 days for the contracts with a big amount of code.

Public reports for our community.

All the audits and KYC reports are always published on our official GitHub, website and Telegram channel.


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